Kat Divine
Hai, I'm Kat and there's not much to me :3 I am a guitarist for my band, The Queen's Legacy and I'm a Thespredo! :D I also love mucic and bands :3 Taken by the fantastic Bryce <3
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The Misfits by Glen E. Friedman 

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Vince Neil & Nikki Sixx

Smokin’ In The Boys Room, 1985

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The two letter word that broke the fandom.

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shout out to the kids and adults who have memory problems, who get yelled and screamed at by their families for not remembering things

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Andy gets 10x cuter when he starts talking about Batman, and 10x hotter when he gets pissed with haters.


I love Andy, and Wil’s been my teen crush since I was in high school. Just seeing these two together is like a dream<3

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